About Cooperation-iws projects

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About the product

Cooperation-iws systems are open source technology engineering of general systems. A general system is what systematics scientist call a coherent set of several social and technical parts. Cooperation-iws people worldwide benchmarking analysis on general systems notice a predominant model. This is why Cooperation-iws systems architecture is based on these components:

  • The Operating system,
  • The Information system,
  • The Knowledge system,
  • The Decision system,
  • The Design and Imagination system.
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    About the people

    Cooperation-iws systems are open source softwares, free softwares, building a system of softwares. A wide range of people worked on the off the shelf components of Cooperation-iws systems. We could name:

  • the Debian project,
  • the Wordpress project,
  • the Joomla project,
  • ...

  • All are mature softwares which have been tested in production use.

    The architecture and business models of Cooperations-iws systems have been designed by Olivier Avenel, the project founder of Cooperation-iws. You can find Olivier Avenel 's resume here: (English): html | pdf - (Français): html | pdf
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    Cooperation-iws 2016 Presentations:

  • Operating system: Presentation (EN) | Presentation (FR)
  • Decision system: Presentation (EN) | Presentation (FR)

  • Here you can find the Cooperation-iws operating system conceptual slides of 2009.

  • English: extended pdf | quick intro pdf
  • Français: version étendue pdf | introduction rapide pdf